Problem building from source

Mar 3, 2011 at 6:18 PM

Building Funq.sln from changeset a6b122a40ab2 in VS 2010 fails with errors in Funq.Tests. That is, Funq.dll builds fine, but the tests do not.

Is building inside VS supported? If so, is there something I need to set in the environment to get Funq.tests to build?

The build errors all relate to Funq.Tests not having visibility into the internal objects of Funq. It appears that the InternalsVisibleTo attributes in src\Core\Funq\Properties\InternalsVisibleTo.cs are not having the desired effect.

I was able to get Funq.Tests to build by turning off code-signing and removing the PublicKey data from the InternalsVisibleTo attributes. While this approach works in the sense that I can now run the supplied tests, I would prefer to avoid having to modify the source in order to build the full solution.